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      A Happy Journey to Yangjiang in 2018


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      To thank the staff for their hard work, enrich their cultural life, strengthen team building, and enhance the cohesion between colleagues. Guangdong Gtech Technology Co., Ltd., which advocates happy work and healthy life, organized the employees of the Group, its factory and subsidiary Galaxy Machinery and Electricity Company to go to the beautiful Yangjiang River on September 8-9 to start a two-day happy journey.


      The cheerleading teams of various companies and departments have been cheering for their teams. Luo Yishui of Gtech Human Resources Department served as the judges of the event, guiding and refueling the team members fairly and impartially. This is a competition of strength, this is a battlefield without smoke of gunpowder. For the honor of the team, we all try our best. Even if we fail, we will face it with a smile. You are all the loveliest people.~


      This activity not only provides you with an opportunity to relax wholeheartedly, but also enjoys the beauty of nature, at the same time, it also feels the joy of harmonious team life, and promotes mutual understanding among companies, departments and colleagues. Make everyone happier to work and live!

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