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      A Visit to Gtech Group by the Leader of


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      In order to further promote school-enterprise cooperation and realize complementary resource advantages, Professor Liu Yingjie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Guangdong Ocean University, and Professor Wenqing, Vice-Dean, visited the headquarters of Gtech Group and Golden Ocean Precision Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Gtech Group, Guangdong Province, on October 23 and 24. In the form of inspection, discussion, academic exchanges and other forms, we communicated with the leaders of Gtech Group's Human Resources Center, R&D Center and Golden Ocean Company on technical research and development, personnel training and other issues.


      Under the leadership of the company, the leaders of the Institute visited the exhibition hall and R&D center at Gtech headquarters, and visited the manufacturing center in Xinhai. They accompanied the leaders and accompanying engineers to introduce and demonstrate the core technology, invention patents and high-tech manufacturing equipment that Gtech independently developed to the leaders of the institute, and to lead the Institute in detail. The main content, project experience and practical application effect of the company's intelligent manufacturing work are introduced.


      Subsequently, Secretary Liu also briefed the group leaders on the strength and teaching philosophy of Guangdong Ocean University, and earnestly hoped that enterprises would participate in the whole process of talent cultivation in Guanghai, guide students'employment direction through School-enterprise cooperation, and adjust the direction of talent cultivation according to market demand.


      During the group headquarters visit, Mr. Andreas Hoennige, director of VFA-Interlift and President of LiFTCORE Company in Germany, who has profound knowledge in the elevator industry, also met with the leaders of Guangdong Ocean University in his busy schedule, and warmly welcomed their visit. Mr. Andreas Hoennige expressed his willingness to the educational level of the school. We sincerely hope that both schools and enterprises can form a good cooperation model and win-win cooperation. While schools provide elite talents for enterprises, enterprises also provide good employment platforms and practice bases for schools and students, broaden employment channels, and train more professional and technical talents for the country.

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