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      The evening party of 2018 ended satisfac


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      On January 18, the "Innovation, Innovation, and Resplendor" award and New Year's Evening of Gtech Group in 2018 was successfully held. Chairman Moli, Vice Chairman Zhong weiqi, President of Germany Mr. Andreas Hoennige and other leaders, as well as more than 700 colleagues of the group and its subsidiary companies, gathered together to share the joy and expectation of the new year and the glory and glory of Gtech Group in 2018.


      Efforts will be rewarded, and efforts will be rewarded. Over the past year, with the unity and struggle of all employees, Gtech has completed challenges and realized dreams one after another! Among them emerged a group of excellent teams and individuals who spared no effort for the development of the company and were enthusiastic about their work. Although their positions were different and their positions were different, they were interpreting the core value of Gtech Group's "customer achievement, honesty and trustworthiness, openness and innovation, collaborative sharing, fighting spirit and self-reflection" with their own practical actions. Value, so that the company can be more mature, steady pace to constantly challenge a new height!


      The evening ended with a generous and passionate "True Hero". In the song, we felt warmth and strength, cherished dreams, and moved forward. "How can we see the rainbow without going through the storm? No one can succeed at will." This is also a spiritual navigation that encourages all Gtech people to move forward and never stop.


      In 2019, Gtech Group has a new strategy, new upgrade and new direction. All members of the family will work together, forge ahead, have courage and more strategy. Continue to adhere to the original intention, with the "focus on customer concerns and challenges, provide competitive elevator parts solutions and services, continue to create maximum value for customers" mission all the way forward, towards a glorious new era belonging to the Gtech Group!

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