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      Leaders of the Western District Governme


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      On February 12,  Gtech Group ushered in the first working day of the Year of Pigs. Guan Ruilin, Secretary of the Party and Labour Committee of the Western District of Zhongshan City, led by Ding Yong, Deputy Secretary of the Party and Labour Committee and director of the office, Yu Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Party and Labour Committee, director of the NPC and Fan Lixin, member of the Party and Labour Committee and Secretary of the Discipline and Labour Committee, and more than 20 people from the Western District Government, came to  Gtech Group to express their condolences for the Spring Festival. Chairman and senior leaders warmly received and accompanied him.


      Under the leadership of Mo Dong and Zhong Dong, Secretary Guan Ruilin and his party visited the Gtech exhibition hall. With the introduction of Mo Dong, they had a better understanding of the products and technologies developed by Gtech. Subsequently, the senior executives of Gtech Group and the leaders of the Western District Government held a New Year symposium.


      At the beginning of the meeting, Secretary Guan Ruilin sent New Year's greetings to the leaders participating in the meeting. He wished Gtech a new start, a new chapter, a new height and a new brilliance in the new year. Secretary Guan said that Gtech Elevator Industrial Park, as a key project in the West District, has attracted much attention and attention from the society and the government of the West District. As an important link, it was included in the brochure of the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up in the West District. At the meeting, he urged the staff of relevant units to actively coordinate and solve problems for Gtech. Nepal Industrial Park project construction to solve problems, as far as possible for enterprises to create a good environment for development, vigorously promote the progress of the project.


      In his speech, Morley, chairman of Gtech Group, thanked the Western District Government for its support and reported on the industrial park project. LiMo said that as a R&D technology-oriented enterprise, Gtech has always focused on technological innovation, concept innovation and management innovation, constantly expanding the scientific research team, using cultural management companies, always adhering to an open and innovative attitude, focusing on experience accumulation, attaching importance to the training of new people; talent as a strategic resource for enterprise development, the company. In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the concept of taking advantage of society and devoting itself to society, making contributions to the economic development of Zhongshan.


      Secretary Guan Ruilin and other leaders fully affirmed Gtech Group's innovative ideas and talents, and were full of confidence and expectation for its future development. Relevant departments are required to solve the practical problems of enterprises, provide good conditions for the development of enterprises and talents, and promote the growth of private enterprises.


      Through this activity, the exchanges and cooperation between government and enterprises are strengthened, the sense of honor and happiness of employees are enhanced, and the harmonious and steady development of enterprises is promoted. With the support of the Western District Government, Gtech Group will also seize the opportunity, take advantage of the situation, strive for scientific research and innovation, do a good job in production and operation, develop and expand enterprises, and continue to work for the high-quality development of the Western District and for the construction of Zhongshan City in the United States.

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