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      The Training of Excellent Leadership for


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      From March 16 to 17, Gtech Group organized more than 20 middle and senior managers to attend the lecture "Excellent Leadership Training for New Age Supervisors" organized by Jianfeng Enterprise Management Group, aiming at comprehensively implementing Gtech Group's talent development strategy and improving managers'leadership level from the perspective of ideology, knowledge and skills. And comprehensive quality, to create a first-class management team.

      The lecture focuses on the practical problems in team management, takes leadership shaping and management skills upgrading as the core, and simulates and interprets the five cultivation methods of becoming excellent managers, aiming at the key elements of management and leadership, so that students can understand how to empower and motivate their subordinates, so as to make the way of promotion more effective. Clear. In order to improve the training effect, the school arranged teachers to give individual instruction to the students of Gtech Group, and asked them to put forward management problems through group discussions and on-stage narratives in the light of their own department situation and work practice. According to the narratives of the students, the teachers commented and pointed out one by one. Guidance reminds students to work hard on goals, progress, evaluation and standardization in future management, to unify ideas, to control progress, and to grow together with the team.

      Through the training, we have a new understanding of leadership and leadership art, and express that we will apply the management practices learned in the course to the actual Department management. On the basis of clarifying the work tasks of the Department and the responsibilities of each employee, we will set clear goals, clear practices and needs, timely understanding and communication, and full. Trust subordinates, take the lead, and make unremitting efforts to build an excellent team.

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