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      Gtech won a good performance in the West


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      In order to further strengthen the friendship among the organs, enterprises and institutions in the West District and create a harmonious atmosphere of unity and cohesion, the 2019 West District Staff Interest Games were solemnly held in Zhongyu Sports Club on the morning of April 20. The theme of this interesting games is "pursuing the dream of a new era, creating the first class". Nearly fifty teams from institutions, communities, education and enterprises in the West District participated in the event. Gtech Group was invited to participate in the event, and elaborately organized a campaign for R&D, technology, procurement, sales, manufacturing and HR staff. Teams compete in battles.

      The competition is divided into four items, namely "water diversion", "return with full load", "super obstacle race" and "go forward bravely". All the items are carried out through various props with interesting shapes. They are interesting and competitive sports competitions, which greatly improve the enthusiasm and input of the participating teams. Among them, "water diversion" and "courageous forward" require teamwork among the players, while "super obstacle race" and "courageous forward" test the physical and mental qualities of all the participants on the basis of cooperation.

      The atmosphere of the match was warm and exciting. The Gtech team did not master the game skills well in the "full load and return" project, which led to a slight lag in the score. However, the players were not discouraged, adjusted their status and strategy in time, analyzed the mistakes, and the players cheered on each other and constantly shouted the slogan "outstanding person". No one can fight to boost morale; in the next project, after more than three hours of intense competition, the Championship of the "brave forward" single event was won by the Gtech team; in the total score of the enterprise group, 14 teams were defeated and the runner-up was won.

      By participating in the Western District Staff Interest Games, the "Gtech people" can bring happiness, passion and friendship together, give full play to the enterprise values of fighting spirit, collaborative sharing and self-reflection, and at the same time enhance their mutual feelings and tacit understanding. The company will also take this opportunity to further stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, and bring the spirit of hard work, never say die, collaborative sharing, self-reflection on the playground to our daily study and work, so that this spirit inspires us to continue to progress and create brilliance again!

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