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      Elevator purchases in January 2018 amoun


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      Entering 2018, elevator procurement ushered in a strong start. According to incomplete statistics in the Government Procurement Information Daily, in January, the National Elevator procurement scale exceeded the 700 million yuan mark, reaching 790 million yuan, and the number of winning projects was about 356. Compared with January 2017, the scale of elevator procurement increased by 255 million yuan, the number of projects increased by 81, the amount of procurement was large and the number of projects was large, which was the direct reason for the sharp rise of the scale of elevator procurement in January.

      It is worth noting that Henan Province has become the largest elevator procurement province in January, with a total purchase amount of 270 million yuan. In January, the largest list of elevator procurement came from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and the second phase of Baisha Resettlement Area (Yongsheng Home) in Zhengdong New Area and the construction project of elevator procurement and installation in school projects. The winning bid amounted to 116.398.11 million yuan.

      Elevator purchases in guarantee rooms account for 36%.

      According to statistics, in January, there were about 356 elevator bidding projects in China, with a purchasing scale of 790 million yuan. Compared with 535 million yuan in January last year, the scale of elevator purchasing increased sharply.

      From the category of procurement projects, it mainly includes several elevator projects, such as security room, hospital, office, school, etc. In January, there were four military elevator procurement projects. Among them, the procurement project of elevator in the guarantee room has a strong lead of 280 million yuan, leading the way. Government office elevator procurement projects ranked second and third with 150 million yuan and hospital elevator procurement projects with 110 million yuan.
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