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      Equipped with Elevator Business Speed-up


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      This year's report on the work of the government put forward that we should promote the transformation of urban villages and old residential areas in an orderly manner, improve supporting facilities and encourage the installation of elevators when conditions permit. As good news in the field of people's livelihood, adding elevators to old buildings has been written into the Government Work Report, which encourages not only the people who need to install elevators, but also the elevator enterprises to judge the market more optimistically.

      In 2017, there were 742 additional elevator projects (project construction permits) approved by Guangzhou in 2017, twice as many as in 2016. Many elevator enterprises expect that with policy support and market demand, the National Elevator installation business will grow rapidly in the first half of 2018 to the level of 2017, but there are many obstacles in practice. Lack of policy guidance to solve the contradiction of elevator installation and the long period of elevator installation restricts the progress of enterprise market development.

      Liu Jun, who is engaged in service consultation, has done Market Research for elevator enterprises. Liu Jun pointed out that the scarcity of land resources in first-and second-tier cities, the active utilization of stock houses and the promotion of their value have become a common concern of residents, governments and markets. Elevator installation has become a key step to increase the value of stock house prices. He anticipated that under the guidance of the state, various local systems and implementation rules from top to bottom, from macro to micro will be introduced continuously, which will effectively promote the implementation of community transformation and elevator installation in breadth and efficiency.
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