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      Big Data + Cloud Computing to Realize El


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      Statistics show that about 200 million people take elevators every day in China. How to innovate the means of supervision and improve the safety of escalators is the content of continuous exploration by the quality supervision department.

      Zhongshan City of Guangdong Province applies big data and cloud computing to elevator field, builds "elevator cloud service platform" and realizes the interconnection of elevator information and data, which not only improves the efficiency of supervision, but also realizes the supervision of each elevator.

      With the acceleration of urbanization, the number of new elevators installed and retained in Zhongshan City has increased year by year. At present, there are 47,000 elevators in use. On average, 12 new elevators are put into use every day. Especially in recent years, with the rapid growth of the number of elevators, the information data presents the characteristics of large amount, wide range and fast change, and is scattered in the relevant departments and units of safety supervision, inspection, insurance, maintenance, use and management. The lack of effective interconnection and interoperability among the data systems of various industries has formed. "Data islands" cause a great waste of data resources, which is not conducive to improving work efficiency and management level, and hinder the supervision of elevator safe operation.
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