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      The first case! Citizens Successfully Ra


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      "The applicant spent 32,000 yuan in cash for adding elevators to the old building, which has been successfully withdrawn from the provident fund to his personal account." Yesterday morning, in the lobby of the Municipal Provident Fund Management Center, Chen Jiaying, the head of the Business Supervision Section of the Center, told reporters that this is the first case of the Municipal Provident Fund to add elevator extraction business, and that the Provident Fund will become an important source of funds to promote the construction of elevator projects in old buildings in the future.

      For the first case, the applicant only runs once to complete the withdrawal of the reserve fund for adding elevators to the old building. According to the records of the Municipal Provident Fund Management Center, the applicant submitted the certificate of real property rights on September 30, submitted the documents for approval, added the contract of elevator, invoice, proportion agreement, acceptance certificate by the quality supervision department, personal identity card, provident fund card, marriage certificate, etc., and the receipt of the front desk will be completed within a limited time. Business.

      "Not only is the extraction process simple, but also the amount and time of the amount extracted are relatively loose." Chen Jiaying told reporters that applicants who meet the withdrawal requirements can withdraw one-time housing provident fund for additional elevator fees within one year of the date of issuance of acceptance report by the quality supervision department. As long as the cost extracted does not exceed the actual apportionment cost and the account amount is sufficient, the total additional elevator cost can generally be offset in full.

      It is understood that as early as July 1, 2014, our city introduced the existing residential elevator provident fund withdrawal service, during which there has been no application from the masses. This late first application is directly related to the addition of elevators in old buildings, which has increased dramatically since last year in our city. Chen Jiaying said that the peak of adding elevators to the first wave of old buildings is expected to appear as soon as the end of this year. At present, the Municipal Provident Fund Management Center has opened several service windows to speed up the business.

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